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December Roll Call

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Finished up all of the wolves lastnight. They just need some sealer and they are done. They will debue at our next game night =)


Put on a final coat of primer for 2 models from 65009: Townsfolk: Strumpets


Primed 2 more

- 65005: Monique DeNoir, Vampire

- Cullen from 65038: Cullen and Ash

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Top Posters In This Topic

  • 02719: Ametrine Earthlyte

  • 65093: Sharyn, Female Wizard

  • 03379: Dandy Franchesca, Female Pirate
  • 02344: Catherine O'Mannon

  • 03398: Liriel Silverlocks, Elf Bard


Well, I got Liriel done tonight but I don't think I'll get to Catherine before the year ends (as it ends tomorrow lol!). I have various other figs in order for January and some newbies I got from Christmas to add to my 2010 list! I'm happy with the amount I got done this month :D Happy New Year, everyone! :D

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I successully cleared my goal of 250 models by 11 this year. Here's the Breakdown:



25mm BattleTroops - 1

AeroSpace - 1

BattleTech - 116

Vehicles - 2

Kitbashes - 2

Other Mecha - 2



Reaper - 27

Ral Partha - 37

Steve Jackson - 7

Dragons - 2

Other Fantasy - 8



BattleTech - 47

Fantasy - 9

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I did not quite make my total number goals for the year, and the add-on December goals turned out to be unrealistic. Constant adjustment for Holidays, family, friends and travel kept me away from the workbench except for a few days early on. Still, in terms of quantity and quality, 2009 was a pretty good year for me.

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