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It's called a mindflayer. (I'm assuming that mindflayer is a copywrited or trademarked name?)


Yes, as are a number of other names from the Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, etc. Plus some character races from the newer editions.


Very colorful interpretation on this one. I painted mine much more dark and evil looking.

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Hey, he looks awfully familiar...

(that line won't make sense anymore if I ever change my avatar)


Nice job. Always glad to see another one of these guys painted up. I had fun painting this guy too. Less fun sealing him, but that's another story.


Yeah, there are a bunch of D&D monsters that have copyrighted names. Here at Reaper you'll find bathalians (not illithids/mind flayers), phase cats (not displacer beasts), and various other familiar-looking but not familiar-sounding creatures. For some reason though, they don't make tailless dragon people with hair-scales (D&D4e too new maybe? Oh well, I still prefer 3.5 anyhow...)


Not that familiar with Hackmaster - is it a copy of an older D&D edition? I seem to remember hearing that somewhere. If so, that possibly has something to do with why they're allowed to use that name for everyone's favourite tentacle-faced brain eaters while nobody else outside D&D can.


I wish my players would give me minis. I'd even take them unpainted... :o)



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