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I think I even have this mold too...


Did you add the skull in one of the first images? Or have I been unobservant?


Yeah, I added the skull, it fit perfectly in there (its from the basic fieldstone mold)

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Very nice! Is that a CD that everything is based on?


I like the grass and ground cover you have going with the stones and how you have the tree stumps almost growing out of the stone itself. Very nice indeed!



yes everything is based on a CD...


as much as I would like to take credit for the trees, those are part of the mold.

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CD terrain is fantastic. Who doesn't have a million AOL cd's that just beg to be scuffed up and flocked?


I've got a half dozen or so CD sized terrain bits as well and they've all been fun to make and work very well on the tabletop. Yours look fantastic!

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