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Whipped up this planetary system in around 2 hours all told, perhaps 3. Cost was around $12 USD if you don't count the paint.


Spray painted the board black, then flecked it with white, light blue, and yellow to create the star pattern. I tried to go for a "zillion little stars" as opposed to a lesser number of more impressive stars because A) it's easier that way and B) I imagine you'd see many more stars while actually in outer space.


The large planet is a 5" sphere cut in half, brushed with glue and coated with sand, then generously washed with a dark red. I have plans to drybrush it with an orange color but I got too excited to wait and had to take pictures.


The moons are all 2.5" spheres cut in half and painted accordingly. For the "typical moon" looking ones I simply pressed my knuckles in to create craters, then heavily drybrushed in some darker grey. The moon with the massive crack was further chopped using a wire foam cutter. The Death Star (that's no moon...) had its primary weapon cut with an exacto before getting paint. Unfortunately the flash washed out the death star's detail.. fortunately for me you can't see how poor the lines are, haha!


Alas I've spent my time on terrain and only have two ships with anything more than primer on them. Fortunately the fighters come ready to go, so I've got a fighter screen going on as well.


My favorite moon is the volcanic moon!



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