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Ninja Princess! (v2)


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For Iron Painter, I decided to revisit my Mystery Man Hero character, Ninja Princess. This time around she got a crown (last time she had sunglasses).




Here is the original Ninja Princess, painted in Feb. of 2004:




Unfortunately, I didn't plan well enough to get a 2nd version of the figure (the other one I have got a head swap for 'stunt double', which I should finish), so I couldn't do a side-by-side pic ;(



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Nice work. Excellent work on the highlighting on the cloth and your green-fu is certainly stronger than mine on that tiara. I have a bunch of those bases too. They add a lot of pop to minis while being simple at the same time. The great thing about them is how they can really work for modern/scifi minis and traditional fantasy ones as well. They're a fantastic value. Got my fingers crossed for ya! ::D:

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