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My wife was out of town for a week and had the camera...

Froggy the Great

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...so I couldn't post figures as I finished them.


Galacteers and other aliens by Hydra Miniatures:















Galacteer made from Heroclix, Reaper, and Hydra parts:



Flying cars and boats made from toothpicks, Reaper parts, and other detritus:





Other Reaper Stuff:













A repainted clix and a Ral Partha dragon:





And a Warmachine dude:


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Froggy, as always you blow me away with your creativity and eye for the dramatic.


Colors are crisp and compliment each mini perfectly.


My favs are the air cars. Very smooth and well put together.


Oh, and if your wife was out of town, why didn't you invite us all down for a party?!?!?!?! lol

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I'd already typed this in a PM, so why not share it?


Janna's body was "The Invisible Woman" from Heroclix.

bottom right: http://img2.photographersdirect.com/img/12...m/pd1582256.jpg


The head was from Marquisse Zora (be careful when cutting out the shoulders so as to not destroy either the collar or the hair - I make my first cut at the waist so I have a pair of spiky legs I can use in other conversions):



The right hand and pistol were from here (second from left):



The left hand and sword were an extra arm that came with Ace McGuire.




1. Remove the Clix head at the shoulders with a sharp knife. Save it for a later conversion, as it is rather pretty.

2. Remove the clix figure from it's ugly clicky base, please, for the love of all that is aesthetic.

3. Compare the hand bits to the figure - remove the figure's hands and the hands' wrists where the figure and hand bits match up in width.

4. Pin the hands to the wrists in the pose you want - Zap-a-gap can fill in irregularities or you can use putty.

5. Cut the head off the Reaper figure - do this carefully so that you don't destroy the hair. I made the first cut at the waist so I had legs I could use elsewhere. I used nipper pliers, but a jeweler's saw might be more precise. You want the head, the hair, and the neck to the bottom of the collar (though I removed the rings -she's a sidekick not a slave), and none of the shoulders or back.

6. Trim the hair and back until they fit one another - I used an x-acto knife. Once the head and neck fit on the shoulders where they actually should, glue them down.

7. Using putty, add the belt, knee/elbow ribbed pads, and the collar. I'm not a great sculptor, so I'll leave the How To to better-qualified people.

8. LET THE PUTTY CURE BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE. Really. Learn from my mistakes here.

9. Base, paint, destroy your enemies.

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