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What is your favorite single troop?

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Broodmaster, Dragon Rider

T'Kay, Reptus Cleric

Gaan-Hor Warrior x 10


Utterly lethal. T'Kay does a Burst of Speed. Broodmaster does a Rush Attack, while everyone else does a First Strike Swift Attack. 10 First Strike Swift Attacks will pretty much kill anything, especially if they've been Blessed. :devil:

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I'm finding that for the points paid, I really like this one:



- Athak

- 4 x Skeletal Warriors


120 points total.


This troop consistently ties up (and sometimes even defeats) much larger troops. I don't ever actually attack with the warriors, they simply lock up the most powerful enemy models (typically leaders and elites) while the Athak munches through mid-high cost soldiers while feeding and staying healthy. Each skeleton simply bases a powerful enemy model (only a single skeleton per enemy, you don't need any more than that) to keep them from basing AND attacking Athak in a single activation. It takes a bit of practice to use correctly but it works great for me.

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Dwarves - 530 points

Troop 1

Freya Fangbreaker

Margara Firetongue

Ivar Silverfist

Shieldmaiden x 5

Halberdier x 2



Solid as a rock, can hole up and defend a spot quite nicely, but has the offensive punch to go take the fight to them just as easily. Ivar for hanging around that little bit longer, and Margara for lighting junk on fire. Gotta love it!

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