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Hello Everyone,


Now that school is done for the semester I have time to paint. I decided to paint a christmas themed mini and had Astrid, primed and ready for paint! She is now a Christmas elf . . . her story is below:


Astrid, a prolific bard suffering from wanderlust, knows stories from many lands, peoples, realms and planes. She possesses some of the more arcane knowledge lost in dusty tomes. She delights in bringing smiles to the faces of children so much that she travels from village to village in the winter telling stories of Frosty the Snowman, Saint Nick and Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. She also collects letters written for Santa outlining all the wishes of the children.





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Thank you everyone for the nice comments.


Red is a fairly simple color to get down if you have some patience. I started with a dark, merlot red and then did some glazes of black for shadows. I then glazed the merlot red over part of the black again to get the smooth transition and then started adding some brighter reds. Never use white to highlight red. It will come out pink.


I wanted to do a christmas mini and Astrid the Christmas Elf seemed to be a fun idea. Plus there is so much space for freehand on this mini.


The snow is a mixture of baking soda and elmers glue. You get it into a paste, not a sticky one but a drier one and then have to pat it in place where you want it. Then you have to heap on baking soda and let it sit over night. Since elmers is a water based glue the baking soda dissolves in it so you have to use a lot of baking soda. You also cannot seal the mini after applying the snow as it ends up turning yellow in color. I've done this several times and I'd say out of a handful or more of tries I've had 2 very successful results, this being one of them.

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