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Worst model you never leave home without?


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Sometimes when I use something as large and frightening as the Hill Giant I will keep it well behind my front lines and don't even try to get it into the fray until round 3 or 4. This way my opponents often try to rush past my frontline or hole up defensively in reaction to the threat of the HIll Giant. These both work out pretty well for me as it allows me to sandwich their forces between my frontline and Hill Giant (with usually predicatable results), advance into their rear guard to smoosh casters (which often times forces them to change direction again), or wash over them in their defensive position.


A big thing to remember about big points guys is that they are more valuable alive than dead. So if you sit them back conservatively and they survive you have a points advantage because of that. Often it's just the scare factor of such huge models that turns out to be their biggest contribution to the battle and I've won many a battle because of it. ::):



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I continue to tote along Ssudai for my games. He never seems to get any spells off, and he's so dang squishy I have to dedicate valuable troopers to protect him.


He has gotten a few very clutch spells off before though, keeping him firmly implanted in my builds.


Ya, good ol' Ssudai is nothin' but Griffon bait ::D:


I think my worst performing model that I ALWAYS bring would have to be my Bear Riders... choke choke choke... it is sad really. It may be my poor tactics, however I like to blame it on the dice ::P:

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