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Reptus army (of DOOM!)


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Whether you subscribe to my interpretation of the rules or not

I just want to point out again that there is no "interpretation". The rules are (IMO) clear. The GaanHor do not need base room to 'land' to perform their flying swift-attacks. The Swift Attack description says so, and if anyone felt that wasn't clear, my own posts in this thread say so.



Actually the rules I was referring to was whether a Reach model is in b2b by default via the SA, and is Trample a Combat Action or a move and does it require b2b contact, but like I said in the post you quoted whether we differ or not on interpretation doesn't matter because the point was they both occupy space, whereas the your list does not.


The third is actually pretty important to the discussion at hand. Joshua says we should use a Nauseating Witch Queen tactic to counter the flyers. But that would require b2b contact, so that would not be a viable option because you've already said the flyers can't be based or aren't in b2b.

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