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CAV light infantry in a dress

Froggy the Great

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These are all converted CAV light infantry.


So I found the ruleset "Fast and Dirty", which seems to hold promise for all the CAV infantry figures I'd based and painted last year and for which I tried (and failed) to write a game. Upon finding the ruleset, I of course had to do up 32 more stands. This is all Sergeant Crunch's fault, by the way.




And here are two of my named characters for the setting, Cpt, Craig "Snipe" Teknar and Jenny Sinclair:



I changed out Cpt. Teknar's gun for something larger, and I sculpted Jenny's head, hair, and dress. 10mm is harder to sculpt than it looks, especially when one's glasses are out of date.


Captain Craig "Snipe" Teknar is an old soldier who's seen too many friends die for nothing gained, and for some reason keeps finding himself playing knight in non-reflective polarized armor, even though he's officially retired at least three times.


Jenny Sinclair was found on the battlefield after a particularly violent clash. Something she saw snapped the part of her brain that allowed her to speak. Cpt. Teknar is the one who cared for her during her recovery, and she refuses to be parted from him ever since.


I've done 28mm versions of these characters before (GW trooper and a Privateer Press Deathstalker), but I wanted to try to render them in 10mm, in case I ever get the chance to actually play a 10mm game.

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