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2010 Roll call

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I'm not doing well, but I have gotten a lot of stuff at least trimmed, assembled and primed. Unfortunately, I am not doing much better (most of the time) than treading water, but that's better than usual, so I am not that upset about it. With any luck, I can start getting more than 10-15 minutes a day to work on stuff - I always seem to get more done in the latter half of the year.


I might actually finish my Ogre army (well, what I have, anyway), and I am making a dent in the backlog of Warmachine and Hordes figs I have. Unfortunately, since I found a relatively nearby WM group, I have started getting figs again, and rebuilding my armies.

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So how'd we all do for the year?


I finished my Imperial Guard infantry (vehicles TDB).


I did paint more than I purchased, at a ratio of almost 1.5:1. Not the 2:1 I was hoping for, but still not too shabby.


I'm happy with my two partial successes.

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So how'd we all do for the year?


603 was my final count. That includes:


506 BattleTech Mechs

23 other Battletech pieces


5 CAV / Rogue Legion

7 other Mecha


16 Warlord minis

22 Dark Heaven minis

6 other Reaper minis


11 Iron Wind minis

5 Dark Sword minis

1 Hasslefree mini


plus one historical mini.


All in all, not a bad year.

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Not a bad year...sheesh! :rolleyes: 10% of your total would be a record year for me. ::D: My mini production fizzled and ran off into other projects after GenCon, but I will include them here for the 'body count':


19 tabletop / dip experiments

1 exchange / display

1 display

2 comp entries

16 gift pins (sculpted, molded, cast and painted)

1 plastic car model body airbrushed


40 total completed for 2010


So, in terms of total output projects, this is still a record year for me.

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I have several ideas for the Reapercon painting contest. I plan on figuring out which ideas I'm going to work on and hopefully work on them.


I would like to get the majority of my Darkspawn army done.


I have a large dragon project that I would like to get done.


Not buying so many minis might be a good goal too.

I didn't get any of this done. Although after Reapercon I decided to spend the rest of the year to mainly file mold lines off.

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