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What RPG podcasts do you listen to?


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I listen to Fear the Boot and Natural 20. I know Natural 20 is kind of on hiatus right now, two of the hosts just had kids.


I listen to the WotC podcast too. Sometimes there is something worth listening to in there, but mainly I listen for the Penny Arcade, PVP and Will W games.

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I listen to recordings of actual games from rpgmp3.com (there's lots of D&D, but also a heap of other games too). There's several different groups who's sessions are published through the site, and it's really interesting seeing the differences in play style (and they are all entertaining). Just a word of warning ... it's all (very) NSFW.


If you've enjoyed the Penny Arcade podcasts, this is a similar thing (but, in my opinion, better ;) ).


Another rpgmp3.com listener. It's all good (apart from the GURPS which I'm boycotting on principle, because it's gurps).

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