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January Roll Call

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Hoping to make more progress now that winter is upon us. I'll keep the list short to increase the odds of success.


On the desk:


Reaper Reven Army:

14347 Bull Orc Warrior

14201 Gaaguk

Flames of War M3 37mm gun (damn these buggers are small!)

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Tomb Spider needs finishing, I'll have to start a thread in the painting section to get me over the last mile, because I'm kinda stuck.


Chancellor and Mantis are based and primed, color scheme blocked out.


Also assembled and based a pack of Cyber-Reavers, and a BTech Neptune Sub.


The Emperor is done. Though I really need to buy some brush on matte sealer, the weather just refuses to cooperate with my hobby activities. Stupid Mother Nature, she deserves global warming.


I'm fond of Reapers MSP Sealer, it's pretty forgiving.

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So ended last year with about 50 models done. This year I'm going to get a lot more ambitious. I am going to paint my WFB Empire army, 134+ Models by April, while doing Competion stuff in between. So far I have 15 models done. Wish me luck. After that I think I'm going to tackle my Darkspawn, followed by my FOW US Airborne. I'm going to do this.

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  • 03095: Damar, Adventuring Mage
  • 02344: Catherine O'Mannon
  • 03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate
  • DS Female Pirate V1


Alrighty, one done and 3 to go!! Looks like it takes me longer now to paint as I want to become a better painter by being a bit more patient. So, looks like a mini a week which means I might not finish my goal -_-; but at least my results will look nicer :D

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So, what the last hour or so has taught me is that:


a) I have a lot of miniatures (like Klingons are only a little aggressive)

b) I have a lot of unpainted miniatures

c) I don't have enough containers, trays, etc to move all of my miniatures; especially my precious painted ones

d) After the next order of miniatures (finishing up a Cold Navy Fleet) no more buying miniatures unless there is an accompanying container with which to move it (seeing as how I move every 3 years or so and have another one coming up in about a year); even if it means ordering the container with the mini.

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