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January Roll Call

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Year so far:


Adversary groups

- Soldier dudes: Same as last year; a couple of Overlord characters at about 75%. Can't seem to muster the giveadamn to shade the armour yet.

- Gnolls: Ordered some Lupines through my FLGS to serve (with green-stuff 'hawks) as leader types. Hope Reaper still sells Lupines. Got some 2in fender washers for bases.

- Undead: Assembled and primed five GW zombies (three unarmed, two with polearms)

- Insectoids: Still haven't bought that Hormagaunt box; maybe the FLGS will mark it down if it doesn't sell



- Nearly done basecoating Tara the Silent

- Cockpit detail painted and front monocoque assembled on Tamiya 1:20 Ferrari F310B Formula One kit

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  • 03095: Damar, Adventuring Mage

  • 02344: Catherine O'Mannon
  • 03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate
  • DS Female Pirate V1


Finished Catherine tonight and really like how she came out. I hope my friend likes her too :) Now I have DS' Female Pirate V1 to paint. I based her last night and hope to spray her tomorrow :)

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Despite intentions, I got in less than two hours of actual painting time last weekend. Spent a couple of hours clearing out clutter (Holidays and unrelated projects), setting up for new projects and generally reclaiming the workbench. This weekend should be better.

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Well, just past the halfway point. Let's see where I am:



This month, I want to finish:


2 Reaper Zombies with chainsaws - base colors are down, real work on the flesh tones begins tonight. (Not bad, considering I did not get them until Wed afternoon)

1 Reaper "monster" for the exchange - had to redo from start. It's now assembled, pinned (and I snapped a drill bit in the process - grrrrr), and greenstuffed. It gets primed tonight, and the base built. Base colors should be done by Monday, so it should be finished by this time next week.


(worked on both of those last month, but my only painting time the last week and some was at the GW store, and they frown on bringing non-GW figs in to paint.)


Ogre Kingdoms - base colors on 12 bulls, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, assemble and prime 24 gnoblars - did nothing yet.

Skaven - assemble, prime 40 clan rats, 20 plague monks, 2 rat ogres, 6 giant rats, 3 packmasters, warlock - nothing yet.



Brits - 8 tanks - try for base colors - nothing yet.

Soviets - I have 7 T-34s that have been almost finished for who knows how long. I really should finish them off. - nothing yet.


DBA armies - I want to finish a couple bases of horse archers, in 15mm. Should only take a night, if I actually sit down and do it. - nothing yet.



Tonight's goal is to work on the zombies, build the base for the exchange fig, prime exchange fig, and completely clean off my painting area so that I can really do some work. With any luck, I will assemble some of the Skaven or something.


Edited to correct the number of Giant Rats and the FoW tanks.

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Finished one game character and my exchange mini this weekend. That means zero work on the third battalion of the Brits though. The first two battalions have finally been based up for play though. Was just waiting for the Siflor and that arrived late last week. Prepped two batteries of foot artillery (3 guns/battery and 3 crew/gun) with two limbers (only used for movement purposes).

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Hey ho! So my objective for the month is to finish 24 GW High Elf Swordmasters of Hoeth. I may even knock out 10 High Elf archers too (that should be fairly easy, only a week). The Swordmasters still need their crests washed and highlighted, boots and belts painted, robes washed and highlighted (should be very simple to do....but I have to wait until Wed to get the necessary paint as I'm out), and the trim around the armor. Probably a week more and they're done!


Simultaneously, I'm assembling some Dark Elves from GW too, but they don't come up in the queue until April (my goal is to finish a 2000pt WHFB per quarter; HE is first since I have so much unpainted, then DE which I'm starting from scratch, then dwarves which only need some odds n ends, and finally Night Goblins, again odds n ends). I'm sure I'll add in some other stuff along the way (like finishing all my Battletech minis, since I'll be running a campaign in the near future) and such. So far so good!



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