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January Roll Call

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Checked out my new brushes; smiled at one and frowned at the other 3.... splayed hairs >:(


Painted the dining room, living room, main hall, kitchen, and foyer.... not the painting I wanted to do but I did spend a fair amount of time using a 1/2" brush trming =P

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Well, I should have the Gnoblars trimmed and assembled by the end of the weekend, and the clanrats are almost ready for priming, as are the giant rats. The rat ogres & packmasters are getting close, but still deciding some things on the plague monks. Most of my painting time has been going to the exchange fig (which is getting close, though I still need to build a better base) and the two charity zombies. I really need to finish them this weekend.

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  • 03095: Damar, Adventuring Mage

  • 02344: Catherine O'Mannon

  • 03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate

  • DS Female Pirate V1


Finished Sela tonight, just need to base her and I'll have the pics up of her in the show off thread tomorrow. I really am happy with how she came out :) I'm proud of what I accomplished this month!!


Now... to figure out what's getting painted next month... :blink:

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DONE: fix / clean out water heater

DONE: fix / clean out clothes dryer, vent, etc.

50%: fix / replace parts / adjust garage door opener

DONE: in-laws




Minis - Carried over from December

90% - 17 DHL skeletons (dipping experiment)

90% - Exchange mini due 01/31/2010

0% - sculpting project

5% - Grenadier Chinese dragon commission

5% - online contest mini


I will get the exchange mini done this weekend, although it will not ship until Monday.

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Not as much got done last weekend as I hoped, since I did some 1:1 scale painting of the entryway & stairs, which meant taking the railing off, which meant a trip to the hardware store to replace the stripped screws, etc.


My exchange fig is 95% done - I have some detail work to do, and the base to finish. It probably won't mail until Monday, since I may not be able to seal it tonight, but it will be done.


The charity zombies need some touch-up work and I need to do the bases, so they may also finish up tonight, and would mail Monday.


Gnoblars are not finished - I have something like 14 of the 24 assembled, but the others should get done tonight/tomorrow, and then primed tomorrow or Sunday.


Clan Rats are assembled, except for command, and ready for priming. Might get to that today. Same thing for the Giant Rats, and one of the rat ogres. Need to green stuff the other rat ogre still, and the plague monks are still in a state of limbo.


I haven't really done anything with the FoW stuff, the Ogres, or some of the other projects, but my work area is actually cleaned up, and stuff is getting accomplished. I have almost made painting a habit again, with the hope that even 15 minutes of painting per day will eventually see some results.

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