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Ancient Chinese minis

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I'm looking for:


The Warring States Period (simplified Chinese: 战国时代; traditional Chinese: 戰國時代; pinyin: Zhànguó Shídài), also known as the Era of Warring States, covers the period from 476 BCE to the unification of China by the Qin Dynasty in 221 BCE. It is nominally considered to be the second part of the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, following the Spring and Autumn Period, although the Zhou dynasty itself ended in 256 BCE, 35 years earlier than the end of the Warring States period.

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Thanks all. I found all those but the Jenkins ones after I posted, as well as Dixon and Old Glory and Foundry. Now I guess I just need to make a decision. I want to make my wife a terracotta army for her birthday. She is not a gamer but is an anthropology major and is very into the terracotta soldiers. The Jenkins ones would have been perfect as they were from that Dynasty... some of the others are as well.

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Renegade has some nice warring chinese -




John Jenkins Designs had some really good chinese too, but I don't know if he sells them anymore.

Bummer, since the line was stunning.




JJ says he does not plan to offer the warring stated minis again.

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