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End Of Year Wrap Up for 2009


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I've done a review of everything I've painted this year at my blog, found here:




Lot's of pictures and commentary.


What did you get done in 2009?


a bunch of the stuff is in my blog as well (link in sig) but I calculated 90 figures painted since early August (maybe one or two from the prior part of the year) one lizardman army of 43 figures (have a few more to paint up/aquire) started work on my razig Army... sitting at 9 figures now (+17 rats), with 4 on the bench, 5 more waiting for "bits", and a few more Harpooners and Soul Canons to round them off.


Did a bunch of plaster casting and building, mostly aimed at the lizardman motif.


all in all I think I did more (and better) work this year than in years past, even if I did get a late start

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I painted about 16 minis in 2009, including one diorama for the Reaper Online Summer Painting Contest that didn't win, but was a close 4th place.


I think I improved a lot this year, making a pretty big leap in blending ability about midway through the year. In 2010 I hope to work on being more subtle and creative with color, and doing more detailing, which I need to practice, or I'll never get better at it.


Here's my gallery on my minis website. The 2009 section is clearly marked.

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I don't have a blog or pics for everything, yet, so I'll throw out something like this...



Reaper - 22

Ral Partha - 4

Dark Sword - 3

Grenadier - 1

Thunderbolt Mountain 54mm - 3

Total: 33


I admire those who can focus in and paint hundreds of minis a year. I tend to scatter my attention across multiple areas that, while often mini-related, just don't show up in the 'Total Painted' category. Example: Partially painted 26, primed 52 and prepped a few more, maybe 6 or so.


Overall, mini-wise, 2009 was a pretty good year for me. Considering 1 was a commissioned dragon that took 40+ hours of work (including materials shopping, painting rig, bench vise, etc.), 5 others were for competitions, 6 more for display and/or gifts...well, compared to 5 comp and nothing else for all of 2008, 33 for 2009 seems like a big improvement.


I also improved my techniques a bit, took on some new challenges, developed some new skill sets and found ways to paint around most of life's usual interruptions. On the positive/new side of things: ran workshops and classes locally and at distance; gained an airbrush and started using it; started taking sculpting more seriously; won a Gen Con comp diorama category; gained a lathe and other wood shop equipment that may be used in the future for display plinths and diorama pieces. It's all good. :blues:

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I painted 123 figures in 2009, a personal best. My health also improved, which was a contributing factor. Continued to try and improve my painting, but have come to accept that my skills have probably plateau'd. I don't see well, even with glasses, and I can't hold a brush for hours. I plan to slow it down some and enjoy my painting in 2010 and the occasional piece of terrain or diorama.

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