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This guy is gonna be sent out tommorrow

Its Marcus Gideon with a shield from the GW chaos sprue. Hes still 99% Reaper hope thats ok.

I hate what the sealant did to him but I dont know what to do about it.





wow this last pic makes it look like his face is melting, Ill have to fix that

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Did you spray him outside? I know Humidity can play a huge part with how the final product comes out -_-; I have screwed up a few of mine because of that.


I think you did a fantastic job on him, I like what you did with the metals. I think the reds could possibly be highlighted a bit more, but red in general is a really hard color to master in painting minis so I think you did a nice job! The face looks alright, sadly the gloss does make him look like he's melting but I do agree, not always does the camera make the best pics of our minis!! I'm sure he looks a lot better in person, like you said :)


As for the hair, check out Froggy's recipe for hair as it gives the hair a "healthy sheen" and looks neat. You might also want to bring up the highlighting to white when you paint black hair next :D Nice job :) I think he will definitely be liked ::D: Keep up the great work!!! :)

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