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Jungle tomb, For use in Warlord.

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Finally finished up my Jungle tomb. Its mainly to be used with my Reptus, but I wanted it to be generic enough to translate into all the games I play.


There are a few very minor touches to finish but this is basically it. Let me know what you think. (there are still spots where the glue had not dried before I snapped the pics) Thanks for looking.






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Nice scenery - how long did it take to make and paint?

Hour wise it probably was in the range of 30 or so hours. Actual time from start to finish was well over a year. I put it on the shelf and sort of forgot about it until recent;y.


I dig it, do you have any other scenery pieces to match it?


Nothing yet, but I will soon. This is the biggest piece for the planned table so all of the other smaller stuff should go relatively quick.



Thanks for the comments.

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Great piece, Scotty! Quite fortuitous for me as well; I've been thinking about doing a more extravagant jungle base on a mini I'm working on. What did you use for the vines and shrubbery?



Thanks much! The vines are burlap pieces pulled apart and all of the different vegitation is just stuff I've picked up at various local craft stores, and Woodland scenics long/static grass.

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Really great... and seemingly functional too.

So often, really nice looking terrain doesn't seem like it would be worth a poo to play on.

This looks great and like it would be great fun during a game.


Any details ont he back side of the piece?


pez :zombie:

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