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Ew ew ew..


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My guess is a recently slaughtered chicken that had just been dressed and ready for the pot. Theres that old story (which may or may not be true) of the headless chicken that continued to live for some time after it's...decapitation...and was fed by an eyedropper.


Ah, here is the story...



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That may have just pushed me over the edge to total vegetarian. At least veggies don't move around after they have been prepared for cooking/ eating.


I don't know what that thing is or if it is even still alive- not sure I want to know, but I am sure that you shouldn't try to eat anything that is still moving. :blink:



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Looks like a frog. In at least two episodes of Man vs. Wild, Bear Grylls captures frogs in Asia that are at least that big. In one of those incidences, he bites the head off and then eats it raw. Despite having no head, the thing keeps moving in much the same way as the animal here.


Those who took biology classes must remember all the froggy experiments, yes? Animals like frogs and chickens only need a small part of their brain stem to keep moving like this, and frogs are ideal for experiments regarding reflexive actions.


Plus, it's got hind legs that flap forward underneath and what looks like a frog's crooked elbow.

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