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Busy Lately


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So let's see...


"Cobra" has been sitting around on my workstation mostly done. Finished him up recently.



Captain Griffon had some base colors on for quite some time, as did the Toolbots.








The rubber ducky from the Evil Toys pack just sort of happened while I was giving a friend painting lessons. He is mounted on a penny.





Tiviel was given a mod to represent the Sorceress in my game that is descended from a copper dragon. The wings look like Sophie's but came from the Wings four pack.




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Ah, those toolbots look perfect. Your style suits them well. I think Captian Griffon turned out rather nicely as well; looks like he's bucking for a job with the Incredibles. :;):




Partly inspired by the Incredibles, partly inspired by an alternate color scheme for ol' Supes on the Superman Arcade game from way back...

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They're all great.

Evil Duckie is awesome.

I really like the yellow tool bot. You seemed to capture the industrial equipment yellow color - at least on my monitor.



I've been on a yellow kick lately. The duck started it. Evil. Evil. Evil.


The loader arm seemed to cry out for an industrial yellow. The chainsaw cried out for a related power tool color.

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I like the addition of the wings to Tiviel. They work well with the horns & tail -- giving her a more draconic aspect than an infernal one. Nice eye-catching red for the hair.


Sounds like your friend got a good dose of humor with the painting lesson on that duck! Great!



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