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Rust Recipe


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I found this neat tip on creating rust compliments of tedwin183. In a response to an e-mail where I asked him if he minded me copying/pasting, and linking his comments he thought it would be funny if we called it "tedwin183 rusting technique."


So here is the tedwin 183 rusting technique:


I'll give you a tip from a fellow pro painter I trade tips with. He gave me this little technique and it's really blown the doors off the weathering effects I can accomplish.


get yourself a dark brown, burnt-umber tone (Scorched Brown, if you're talking GW colors). paint this one VERY thin. Next, do yourself a favor and get a bottle of Reaper Master Series "Rust". It's the best color for rust I have seen.


Here's the trick:


Take some of the rust color, put it down on your pallet and wet the paint a little bit (not too much). Go get some baking soda. Mix enough baking soda in the paint so that the paint starts to get "gritty" looking. Don't use so much that the whole thing begins balling up. Paint this on around rivets, edges, or anything that you want rusted. When the paint dries, the baking soda in solution begins to recrystallize and forms this layer of crumbly-looking rust that is very durable to the touch. The effect is so realistic, I've had people ask me how I got my models to rust in certain spots. give it a try.


And a link to the thread for the other good tips found within. Cheers.

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Quick warning: baking soda is a technique used by plastic modelers back in the day, but so I understand it can cause some sort of chemical reaction and "sweat." It doesn't happen right away, but 20 years from now your figure's rust may not look so good anymore. A better idea would be to use something chemically neutral like marble dust or something...



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