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Post your workspace!


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Nice selection of paints, but where are your current projects???

There are a couple there, actually. One on the lower tier to the left of the green paint - freshly primed and inked in brown. Another sits dead center on the second tier, stuck to an orange jar of paint. It, too, is freshly primed and inked, though in black.


I'd just finished my contest entry when I cleaned up and took this photo. So, it looks a little sparse.  :)

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Whizard, are those step racks the type that you can put cans on in kitchens?  I've been looking for something similar to those and was wondering what they are or where they came from.  My lil Paintier has run out of space.  :D

The cheapest way to make those is with 2x4's.  I use 2x4's for the ones in my kitchen cabinets and painted them white.  You can get a lot of steps with (2) 8' 2x4's and cheap to boot.

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Ok, since these pictures have been taken I have reorganized my space.  Here are the before pictures.  i will upload the recent ones sometime tomorrow.  And yes the toilet and sink are strictly mine  :cool: and are a mere 7 steps away from my table, I have yet to put a wall up however so it can get a little drafty at times  :D .  Notice the BattleMasters game?  I never even played the darn thing about 80% of the parts are still on the sprues.  If anyone is interested in trading for these pieces email me at [email protected]


Here is the area off to my left

Mess #1


Here is closer to my side on the left


Mess #2


Here is my table.


Mess #3


Here is directly to the right of me


Mess #4

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:D  Ok the moment you have all been waiting for!  Recent pictures of my work area, slightly less disorganized.  


Kamui K--the wires are in fact extension cords for all the equipment that I use.  Keep in mind that besides mini painting I also use this area for woodburning projects and painting/drawing portraits of vehicles.  You can see one of the current pieces I am working on in one of my photos.  


Aryanun--The space is a bit tight, to top it off I am 6' 1" 320lbs!


And yes I still use GW paints :sleepy:  in those horrid pots  :angry: I have a bunch of empty dropper bottles that I got from someone on CMON but I don't have the time right now to transfer my current paint stock.  Ah well.  Enjoy the new pics!


Here is a picture of my new shelf unit.  I keep my boxed sets and woodburning WIP's here.

right side


Here is a picture of my tabletop, you can see there is a WIP on it that I hope to have done soon!  In the left corner of my table is an auto paint shaker, this works wonders on pots that I haven't used in a few weeks.



Here is a picture of my drawing easel with a current WIP on it.  The car is a 1969 Corvette.  The toilet is still there  :glare:  no walls yet  :blush: The small piece of paper on the bottom is for my 2year old son.  He likes to scribble while I work.  hehe



These are the new storage units I got, very cheap at Wal-Mart I might add.  

Organized Bliss!


So as you can see I am now a bit more organized than I used to be.

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Well, it's definately a bit cleaner...  :oops:  


Let me in there with some Clorox wipes, a broom, a mop, and some fresh paint, though, and you'd see wonders.


Of course, currently the bedroom and computer room isn't much better. I desperately need to do some spring cleaning.




I also need wall space for said shelves. I've got a couple of ideas, though.

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Ok, I finally remembered to snap a couple while I was down there:

shot 1

shot 2


I had just finished taking mini pics, so all the paint is nice and neat in it's crate, usually I have it even more sprawled than the minis. :p  :;):


PS. Gauth belongs to the other half :down:  and I haven't found a large enough torch to get that backside warm enough to get him finished :glare:

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Whoa Orchid.  That's one wad-full of brushes you got there.  And using foam to hold minis and brushes up too?

Cool idea.  I've seen racks and cups, but nothing like that.

Well, nothing like that with so many brushes.





I see you're down in Florida or something.  Nice sunny day, palm greens, pic of beautiful sailboat on wall, sunglasses...

Hi hate this cold front here in NY.  It's freak'n winter here already!

Oops.  rambling again...

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