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Christmas Sophie 2008 and Sheik Raffik from Alkemy


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Here's Sophie:


I am well aware that the metals look really bad in the photo. I've repainted them several times and they look fine when you are holding the mini in your hand but they are not coming out well in the picture at all.




Sheik Raffik is from the Khaliman Tribe by Alkemy. I painted him as a birthday present for my best friend.



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It could be a bowl of tomato soup, why not? It could also be a mulled wine.


But I like the tomato soup idea better ::):



The green dress on Sophie is GW Dark Angels Green highlighted with RMS linen white and then many many glazes.


I am glad everyone love Sophie. I wanted to paint a mini in a day that would still look good and I did get that done, just about. The skin I did in an hour or so the previous day then I spent the next day for 8 hours painting the rest of her.

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