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Warlord Demo day in North Dallas! 2/7/2010

Mad Pat

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Hey gang, we have a new store opening up first part of February and we've got a slot setup to run some Warlord!!!


I will be up at the store from 12-4 giving introductory demos for folks interested in learning the game, and for you established players we should have plenty of space for pick up games!


The Gamers Realm is located in Richardson at Coit and Beltline. The address and map can be found by following the link or visiting their website.




Not only does this new store have tones of space for folks to play, but they are really excited about supporting the Reaper community!

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Thanks to everyone who showed up yesterday to check out the new store and play a little warlord.


How did it go? How many new customers played demos?


What Gus said.


My son and I had planned to come, but got side tracked and couldn't make it.


Did it go well enough to do again?

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It was a slow day due to being a Sunday afternoon and the Superbowl. We had a good battle going between the Crusaders and Reptus on the main tables, and I was able to walk some folks through the basics of the game and discuss options available in building armies.


Look for another date in Late Feb or March, though with that other thing I do looming most events I'll be able to run will be week nights till summer.

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Just a heads up, I will be running demos and playing at The Gamers Realm every Thursday night! We had a good turn out last week, ran 3 demos and i think we got 3 new people hooked. A couple of the people that did a demo were going to bring friend/family soon so we should have a pretty good group going soon so come join us! We start around 6:30-7:00 and the store is opened in till midnight!






aka Aaron

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