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03372: Torasin Karpheus, Dervish Warrior

Diamond Shark

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Dia dhuit!

how is every body doing on this fine evening? (can't beat cali weather)

well here is my exchange entry for they who will remain nameless!

really loved doing this one, first time i have done a mini exchange, and seeing the level of everyone on here really pushes you! (especially if the person getting is pretty damn good them selves!)

had an accident where when i sprayed varnish on him, didn't check first and all came out cloudy and lumpy! ahhh! ah well, will teach me a lesson! managed to take off most of bad varnish (fine q-tip with denatured alcohol) and re-paint details.


so saw this mini and fell in love it, mr b.jackson at his best. bent the figure over the flag to give a little bit more of a 3-D presence, sawed/drilled/filed the spaces out of the blade and pole/flag connection. well hope you enjoy and nameless person will have it friday!








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And that lucky recipient is...


Me! ::D:


After a long Friday, I found a box waiting for me. Thanks Diamond Shark for making my Day. He's even more impressive in person!

I've never tried painting a tartan, but you did it beautifully. He gets an honored position with my growing exchange collection!




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