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03128: Sela Windsprite, Elf Pirate by Werner Klocke


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I finished Sela last night after a painting binge over the last 2 days. Her hair is red, I used the recipe from Indrid and I like how it came out; I've never tried that recipe before. I had so much fun painting Sela that I was a bit sad when I was finished.


I'm not sure if it's from the fact I painted with dark colors that the highlights aren't showing as well, or not, but I did highlight her hair to white in certain places. I didn't use NMM on this figure as I have metallic paints I'd like to use up, so I tried something new with highlighting, etc., with the metallic paints.


The monkey was interesting to paint, somewhat of a challenge, but I like how he came out too. My qualms with him are that his eyes could be clearer, I have him looking to Sela's right, AND I noticed that there's a line down his face -_-; after I painted him. It was in the most impossible spot that I couldn't file down >.< Ah well.. I thought I got them all (I found more while painting and had to file them down and brush on primer in those areas).


Overall, I'm happy with how she came out. Looking at the color scheme now, it kinda looks like a pirate version of Ariel from Disney's Little Mermaid.


BTW, The sand was made from ground up "gravel" basing. Enjoy! Comments and Crits welcome and greatly appreciated! :D



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I like this. The stripy trouser look great. Only thing I'd have done is wash the metal bits with black to give a bit more contrast.


Thanks!! :) You're right, a wash would have been really great; I need to remember to do that next time as I didn't even think of it this time around. Usually when I used metallics I do do a wash.. no idea why it slipped my mind this time.

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