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February Roll Call

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This month I definitely will finish off my 24 Swordmasters of Hoeth from GW (I really just need to paint the trim on the armor, clearcoat and base), and another 10 archers for same army. I'm also going to try to finish off the 10 Norman spearmen I have. I'm sure things will change, but that's the goal...




SFB Zocci Plastic CA





EDIT: Add on SFB/KA Federation Old CL. I also have a Klingon E-4/E-7 pack coming too...

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Here's my list for February:

  • Dark Sword Miniatures: Male Warrior
  • Reaper 02741: Faery with dagger & Nymph
  • Reaper 14459: Couatl


Possibly will add more as I think I have another mini to paint for a friend :) I definitely want to get Couatl done as he's been in line for a while lol.

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Here is what is on my plate for Feb 2010:


Uncharted Seas:

Iron Dwarf base fleet (1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers and 6 Frigates), plus two Heavy Cruisers - tentative. I am picking these up in a trade, so I am not anticipating getting them beyond the primed stage this month.


Heavy Gear:

Peace River starter army (GP and FS squad), plus Strike squad. Also getting via secondary market. A couple models will need to be stripped, goal is to have everything stripped, trimmed, primed and assembled.

Southern GP squad - get it trimmed, assembled, primed.



OK army - 12 bulls, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, 24 gnoblars - work on base colors. Butcher - trim, assemble, prime. OOP Ogre (used for General) - prime.

Skaven - Clanrats - finish assembling command, work on base colors for all 40. Giant rats, rat ogre 1 - base colors. Rat ogre 2 - assemble, prime, base colors. 3 Beastmasters - assemble, prime. Plague monks - all twenty still need assembly, priming. Warlock - trim, assemble, prime.


I have some terrain projects as well, and I might try to squeeze in some 15mm stuff, depending on how much time I have (or not) this month. Main goal of making time to paint as many days as possibly is still my real primary goal. (After all, if I devote 3-4 hours per week to painting, I have to be getting something done, right?)

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The list from January still stands:


  • Get a painting/craft area set up. This involves a lot of cleaning that needs to get done anyway.
  • Seal the two familiars I've painted, and give them some sort of base, even if it is just sand.
  • Finish painting the figure I've had in progress since August.


Now that I'll be painting weekly, I'm hoping the figures will get done (though possibly not sealed, as there is nowhere to spray inside since I'm in an apartment complex - too cold to seal outside).

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We have no plans to actually paint this month, but we have a few painting related tasks that must occur.


I suppose I should have started with "we have no plans to paint miniatures this month" as some window trim needs to be painted from last spring's renovation project, seven rooms worth of window trim, preferably before the impending invasion of out of town family in March.

We're going to clean off the painting table. It managed to accumulate a plethora of non-painting items that has rendered it unusable for our painting needs.


We're going to integrate the new paint pots into the current spinner and dig out a second one for the overflow.


This is basically the tidy the work space month.

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Since nothing ever goes as planned...

I have nothing planned. :poke:




Is that not a plan in itself?

Sure, you got it. If my plan to do nothing fails, then something gets done. Besides, I got to play with the new spoiler tag, which gave me 0.38 seconds of amusement, indulging my inner geek.

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