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February Roll Call

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I just picked up a GW Chaos Spawn box at the FLGS this afternoon. I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of the possibilities.


Year so far:


Adversary groups

- Soldier dudes: Painted two Overlord figures; 7 more (alt Corvus, 3x crossbows, 3x pikes) on order

- Gnolls: 3x Lupines unpacked and waiting for cleanup

- Horrors: 5x zombies painted and based; 5x zombies assembled but not primed

- Insectoids: 40k is too popular; that Hormagaunt box is never going to get marked down; casting covetous eyes at the Legion of Everblight Hordes starter

- Dwarves: 3x Warlord dorfs based and primed; not looking forward to the metalicious paint job (oh wow, steel and bronze again?)

- Support: 3x Pack horses speed painted and based; up in Show Off


I'm gonna make March "finish some damn gnolls" month.

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This year instead of focusing on one specific theme which I seem to always fail at, Im just going for raw numbers... got 20 done in Feb. I hope to get that many in March as well, it will be a pure hodge podge of figures

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DONE - 17 DHL skeletons for dipping experiment

DONE - exchange mini (missed deadline)

DONE - online contest mini (missed deadline)


New for February

10% - 5 Ral Partha/IWM zombies with display base, due 02/28 (missed deadline)

0% - 1 Warlord Dwarf - test new color scheme with 'dipping'


Well, at least I got some of the backlog cleared out. :rolleyes:

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Ok, this month's goals:


Sad Panda for CMON contest.

Finish Marda and Samantha for my Sisters army, maybe Saori

Complete 50 BattleTech pieces, including a new 5-model application for camospecs.org


Big one -- Try not to spend more than $350 on new minis this month!


Completed the Panda, 47 BattleTech models, 1 CAV, and three fantasy models, but not the three I'd hoped to finish.

Oh, and failed the spending limit by about $100.

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