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Looking For 3D Artists


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If you are talented in the 3d modeling of Medieval Characters, Fantasy Architecture, or Terrain and would like to help on a volunteer to low paying project that could have a decent pay off. Then PM me or email me at [email protected]


I can't go into detail on the project other than letting you know it's fantasy based.


Here is an idea of what we're looking for in character models:

  • 110-600 polycount
  • Bone Structures and Animations are a must.
  • Level of Detail views will probably be needed, but this is not confirmed yet.

If you're interested or know someone that might be, contact me with replies, PMs, or by email at [email protected]. Please include sample pieces of work and some ideas on what you want to work on. (We have a wide range of models we need completed so don't be shy with your suggestions)

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I know the chances of finding someone that is knowledgable in 3d model sculpting, texturing or animating is slim; but I really want to make sure the fans of Reaper have a chance to work on something they like.




Let me know if you know some one that may be interested. Our needed poly count has been raised also. If you want details PM me, email me at [email protected], or leave a post here.

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I have done some work in 3DS Max. Took 2 classes on in it at devry. Made some tools, a horse and my own level for robo blitz. Not a lot of time right now but you can have the horse model if that helps, i didnt get to get it as polished as i would like but its pretty good, has 4 legs and all. Also if your looking for workers i know a couple people at devry that might be interested.

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