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I live!


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Hi everyone old and new.


I know it seems a bit of a shock to some, and a bit of a 'who's this?' to others. I've been gone for some time now. I have a very good reason for it, though.


A few years ago, the office I work (Financial Aid) had two people in critical positions, and neither of them were doing what they needed to. So in essence, I had to do work well above my pay grade and my only reward was not to be yelled at by students.


A little under a year ago now, I took a promotion to be one of these critical people. We replaced the other idiot with someone who was born with a brain. Thank goodness. It's taken us most of that time to remove the horrible backlog of files in the office. This meant ending a lot of things I didn't want to. Mostly vacation time and 'slacking online', which means you wonderful people.


While not as interesting as say, being captured in a French prison for a crime I didn't commit, it's what happened. I hope to be around here more often, but with the new responsibilities, I don't know how much I will be. Certainly more than 'none'.


--LSH, AKA Jay.

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Thank you, all!


But seriously, It's good to be back. I have got to make it a point to show some of the minis I've been working on.


Mini Companies Who Shall Not Be Named make 'Armored Futuristic Space Vikings', which I've been painting and doing a snow motif on the bases. It's coming out fantastic. Will post some to the WIP boards.



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