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2795: Paladin Initiate


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Since my painting hand is currently out of action (fractured index finger - indoor soccer - yes, I'm the goalkeeper), I decided to take a few pics.


A friend from my gaming group tried his hand at painting last year. He did not have the patience for it, so he gave me the dozen or so Reaper minis that he will never paint. His loss is the group's gain! One of them is DHL 2795: Paladin Initiate. Not a very dynamic pose, but still a nice sculpt. Hmm, we've never had much of anything that resembles dungeon fixtures...so how about...a statue?


I was inspired by an article on the Games Workshop site I once read. It was how to make an ornamental fountain, possibly for LoTR. If I ever find it again, I might just build a pool and mount this fella on a pillar. Until then, he makes for a good statue or petrified NPC.





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Thanks for all the compliments! It doesn't show up well in the pics (note to self: make light box like the one in the Shutterbug forum), but I tried to add just a wee bit of weathering in the form of some diluted brown inks. I tried to simulate where water would stain/leave deposits, but didn't want to overdo it.


Wumby, thanks for the link. That's a cool fountain! I would have never have thought to use fishing line to support water spouting out of the statue's mouth.

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