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What factions will you play?


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With the future expansion bringing the game to 18 factions, which do you see yourself playing?



Crusaders (Good Humans)

Darkspawn (Dark elves and demons)

Dwarves of Taltos



Nefsokar (ancient Egyptian type humans and mummies)

Necropolis (Vampires, Zombies, ghosts etceteras)

Overlords (evil humans)

Reptus (lizardmen, dragons, turtles and snakes)

Reven (Orcs, goblins, gnolls, bugbears, harpies, giants, beastmen...)




The Dwarves of Kragmarr

Tembrithil Forest (Wood Elves and forest creatures)

Bloodstone Gnomes (Evil Gnomes)

Koborlas (Wolf type humanoids)

Sisters of the Blade (All female good humans)

Frost Giant of Icingstead (Barbarians, Giants, Yetis and other snowy creatures)

Black Orcs of Kargir (Orcs, goblins, gnolls etceteras)

Darkreach (Dark Elves and Shadow creatures)


What if any type faction is still missing that you'd still like to see?


In the past some of the more popular ideas in these type threads have been: halflings, Roman/Spartan, Dark Dwarves, Asian (Samurais, Ninjas, monks, and mongol types), highlanders and privateers and a good confederation too bad the Crusaders no longer have Mercy. There could be a faction with every race... The Mercied, or maybe a fantasy foreign legion,.


I already have large Reven, Elf and Taltos Dwarf factions, and small merc, sister and Koborles factions. If I bought into any others it would probably be Nefsokar, Iceingstead and Vampires (in that order).


If I could choose a non-existing faction it would probably be halflings, followed by highlanders, privateer and the Mercied/foreign legion.

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I love my Reptus! They're my favorite by far, as I've always liked lizardmen. I'm going to be working on Sisters, Darkreach, Tembrithil and Icingstead when they are fully released, and I'm putting together some Overlords and Darkspawn currently.


As for what I'd like to see, I'd be really happy to see some dark dwarves and a type of all aberration army. I really enjoy the Cthulhu mythos, and I think the Bathalians on their own would be pretty cool. ^_^

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Reptus, but not the Warlord Reptus, but using the Savage DH Lizard-men by proxy.


Razig, love undead pirates!


Ill probably tack on the Nefsokar as well as I like the egyptian theme.


since I also use figures in my my RPGing, then I select my armies based on dual usage, and my RPGs are Pulp in nature...

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I'm currently only working on Taltos Dwarves, soon to be followed by Necropolis and Sisters of the Blade. After that, my list looks something like this, in order of interest and models available:


Elves - core

Reven - orcs, mostly

Dwarves - different, but not Kragmarr

Necropolis - different from the first army

Reven - ogres

Reptus - trolls

Reven - gnolls

Mercenary - barbarians




Dark Reach


I could explain the repetition/overlap, but it's boring stuff that all boil down to matters of budget, personal preferences and using friendly game/proxy rules as an excuse to get 20+ years of accumulated fantasy miniatures off the shelf and onto the tabletop. ::):

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Well, I have yet to play, but I have talked my GF into trying out Warlord 2 with me.


I will build a Dwarf army, then a Reptus Army; she is torn between Darkspawn and Elf (I will try to talk her into both ::):)


I am definitely interested in Kragmarr and Koborlas (already buying/bought models for both).


Like to see? Dark Dwarf, yes please.


And, this may be a bit weird, but I would like to see a clockwork army (not steampunk!), headed up by a clan of mad gnomes. Hey, you got different flavors of elves, dwarves, orcs, and humans, why not another gnome army ::D:

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I am looking forward to adding an all horse Nefsokar army to my collection. I also want to look at the wood elves. In the long run I think I'd like to have a good, neutral, and evil army so I can choose based on how I'm feeling. The wolves look awesome and are a definite possibility. I wonder if the Black orcs have goblins and the like what is the big difference between them and the Reven?

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So many factions, so little time :;): Apparently, I want all of them. Given the speed of painting I have and how easily I'm distracted, this is not a realistic goal. But in order of personal precedence, my list looks something like this:


* Necropolis

* Elves

* Nefsokar

* Crusaders

Sisters of the Blade





Dark Elves

Black Orcs

Frost Giants


* = I have enough models to form a decent force.

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