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#14093 Finaris, Female Justicar


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Hello again Ya'll,


Here are few picks of my 4th Reaper mini painted this year. #14093, Finaris, Female Justicar. I had asked for advise on the Painting tips forum for painting Black NMM for the first time. I think it turned out OK. This was also my first attempt at a water base. I think it turned out well also. ::):


I have titled this as: "On the Edge of Chaos."


Let me know what you think about it.











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Thanks Scotty and Mini Killer. I really enjoyed doing the base. I used a large and 3 small cork plugs for the cliff and rocks. That was first time I had used anything like that, and was worried how it would turn out. It came out better than expected.


Finari turned out better that the photos show, but with my ancient (1998) Olympus D-600L (1.4 MP) camera, the Macro makes everything look fuzzy up close and grainy also. The highlights even seem washed out. I can't wait to be able to afford a new camera.



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I was going over the posted pictures and noticed something that I did not like. My camera really makes the hair Yellow! Yuck. :huh:


To the naked eye it is not that yellow. I can't even see the mid range shadow areas or lighter highlight areas. All of those seemed to get washed out. Man I wish I had a better camera! :blues:

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