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Kristof's First Semi-Regular Conversion Mini Exchange


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Kristof’s First Semi-Regular Conversion Exchange


This one is for the sculptors and conversion lovers among us. Instead of exchanging fully painted miniatures, this one is going to concentrate on the conversion process – taking a stock figure and customizing it in some way, then sending it on to your recipient to see how they interpret and paint your conversion.


In most respects, this will work just like the frequent paint exchanges we have around here, but there are some differences. Also, because this type of exchange doesn’t appear to have ever been done around here, I do feel the need to define some actual parameters/rules to guide us all.


1. What is a conversion? For the purposes of this exchange, a conversion is taking a stock mini and modifying it in some way by use of weapon/head/limb swaps, using green stuff/putty/extra “parts” to add features, removing and re-sculpting a portion of the miniature and/or building a “new” miniature by combining different stock parts. There are several good articles out there on conversions, including The Craft section of Reaper’s website http://www.reapermini.com/TheCraft For inspiration, I recommend searching for Froggy the Great’s posts here in the forum, as he is probably the king of them around here.


2. Skill Levels: Forgive me a moment while I ramble. Like painting, not everyone around here has the same skill level when it comes to conversions/sculpting. This is ok, we all have our strengths. And like painting, this is something that most people can get better with by practicing. But I think that many people find attempting a conversion to be more intimidating than they find painting. Besides wanting an excuse to do another conversion myself, I’m organizing this exchange to encourage people to attempt conversions, because I think it’s a great way to personalize a miniature – even if your painting skills aren’t that great, you might discover that you have a knack for conversions.


I really want to encourage people of all skill levels to participate. Don’t be intimidated if you feel you don’t have the skills – just do your best. For those of you who do have the skill, please think of this as an opportunity to provide positive feedback and encouragement for someone getting started.


3. Because Reaper are our hosts here, I’d like to be respectful to them and their bandwidth, so we should keep the focus on Reaper minis. Therefore at least 50% of the finished conversion should consist of Reaper parts.


4. So that participants can observe other’s conversion work first hand, “finished” miniatures will be sent to the recipient unpainted/unprimed. The miniature should be prepped and ready for primer upon receipt. Either the sender or recipient should post photos of the conversion here. Some of you may be a little nervous about sending out an unpainted miniature – don’t be. I’m well aware that conversions can look a little rough. Almost all converted minis look half finished. It's not about sending out a perfect piece, but honing our conversion skills, while sharing our techniques/ideas and finally, seeing how someone else interprets them with paint.


5. The exchange consists of two phases – Phase 1 is the actual exchange, while Phase 2 consists of the recipient painting up the converted miniature and posting pics of it finished. If you sign up and fail to complete Phase 1, I will publically shame you here on the forums and probably not allow you to participate in any of my future exchanges. Phase 2 I’ll leave on the honor system, although I do encourage everyone to participate in it. I will, however, be taking note of those who don’t participate in Phase 2, and if/when I run future exchanges, I will try and match participants based on past performance in Phase 2.


6. Basing: Recipients will actually be the ones painting up the miniature, and not everyone likes to have a base attached while painting, on the other hand, basing can be a large part of the character of a conversion. Therefore I’ll be asking each participant to indicate their basing preferences and match accordingly. If the recipient prefers no attached base, a base can still be sent, it should just be shipped unattached.


7. Theme: Conversions can get wild and over the top much more quickly than just painting a mini. Someone may say they like elves, but that doesn’t mean they’ll like an elf that has been converted to have tentacles. While I don’t foresee this being a problem in the future, for this exchange, I want to eliminate that as a factor in determining the pitfalls and successes of running this type of exchange. So for this first exchange, I’d like to keep the scope narrowed down to a theme of human sized figures useable in a Warlord army. This doesn’t mean you have to use Warlord figures, only that you should keep a Warlord data card in mind when making the conversion. Nor does it mean you have to play Warlord –I’m using Warlord as a theme this time only to give participants a better sense of what’s expected of them and what to expect. Because the guy who says “anything usable in my dwarf army” is less likely to be surprised by what he gets than the guy who says “an elf”.


8. Number of participants: Like the paint exchanges, I’m going to cap this at 25 participants. I don’t expect we’ll reach that cap as quickly as the paint exchanges, if at all. If we do, I’ll reassess the cap.


9. Time frame: Assignments will be given out no later than March 1st. You then have until April 30th to complete your conversion and send it on to your assigned recipient. They then have until June 30th to paint and post it. I wanted to go six weeks, but I figured having an exchange deadline coincide with tax day wouldn’t be such a great idea. Future exchanges will probably have shorter deadlines.


If you want to participate, PM me with the following info:

Your Name

Your Address

Whether or not you are willing to ship to a foreign country

(Optional) Your Phone Number

(Optional) What Warlord armies you prefer to convert for

(Optional) What Warlord armies you prefer to receive

(Optional) Whether or not you mind an attached base



Not to dwell on the unpleasant stuff, but I’d like to re-emphasize this – if you can’t/won’t follow through, please don’t sign up. Like Shakandara and Greyhorde (whose posts I shamelessly plundered – Thanks Vince and Dave!), I understand that sometimes exchanges end up being late, but let's make our goal that everyone receives their exchange by the due date. If you are running late, please either post so in this thread or PM me. For any reason should someone fail to deliver on their assignment, I will see to it that the shafted recipient receives a converted mini. Know that if you fail to deliver as promised, I will publicly shame you on the forums.


Addendum - 02/18/10 - I will not be accepting forum members into the exchange who haven't been regular contributors here for 6 months and/or a 100 posts or so. This is not to offend new forum members, nor defame them in any way - it's just that after speaking with other exchange coordinators, I've learned it's hard enough sometimes to get forum regulars to follow through, let alone worry about new comers whom no one here "knows". I didn't put it in the rules originally, so the person who signed up and alerted me to my oversight is still going to be allowed to participate this time - but please, please follow through, and validate my faith in you. For those of you who are lurkers here now and might want to participate in my next one, please sign up today, introduce yourself and become an active part of our community.


Anyway, let’s have fun, and happy converting!



~ Chris


PMs Received


1. Ironhammer

2. Sethoman

3. Humansquish

4. Warlordgarou

5. Froggy the Great

6. Kristof65

7. Sanael

8. Zinzig

9. Diamond Shark

10. Feanor

11. Herzogbrian

12. Ajii


2/26/10 - Exchange closed, assignments sent.


Definitely not filling up as fast as a "traditional" mini-exchange, but I must say I'm pleased by the response so far.


EDIT: 3/18/10


The following have shipped their conversion, and it's been received. Still waiting on some photos guys!


Sethoman (Pic Posted)

Froggy (Pic Posted)

Ajii (Pic Posted)

Ironhammer (Pic Posted)

Herzogbrian (Pic Posted)

Feanor (Pic Posted)

Kristof (Pic Posted)

Zinzig (Pic Posted)

Diamond Shark (Pic Posted)(Painted Pic Posted)

Warlordgarou (pic posted)



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Top Posters In This Topic

Just a quick note to bump this and alert people to the rules addendum I posted today. See my OP for a note about new forum members.


We're just about halfway full at this point. So that I can get the assignments out on Mar 1st or before, I'm going to cut off sign ups at 25 participants or 5pm Mountain time Thursday, Feb 25th - which ever comes first.



I would like to say that I'm pleased so far with the response I've gotten, and the PMs I've got. Assuming the next couple parts go smoothly, I definitely want to run a couple more of these, too. I also have an idea for Conversion Challenges floating around in my head now, too.

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Ajii may be new but I'll vouch for his activity and ablility in the miniatures world.

Friday I'm taking my camera to our gaming session so we can put up some of his stuff in the show off.

On topic where is everybody? This thing should have been full by now.

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Thanks for vouching for Ajii, Feanor - I feel much better about my decision now.


Reminder to everyone - cut off to sign up is going to be Thursday


Aw, I wanna get started now. :poke:


Actually, as long as I get an assignment by Friday or Saturday, all is great - I tend to make my trip to the FLGS on Sunday, so I can get the stuff I need.

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Just wanting to say hi, sorry I'm very new to this whole forums thing, and wanted to apologize for any worry that i may have caused you.

and now on with the show! I'm very excited to be allowed the opportunity to participate in this exchange. And I promise not to make you regret your allowing me to do this. I'm fairly new to Warlord though I've been playing Warhammer and 40k for a very long time. I'm working right now on getting some more pieces done for Friday to help alleviate your worries i love painting and converting mini's i think i enjoy that more then playing at times.

I would like to thank Feanor for vouching for me. anyway thank you again

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