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A Warm hello and Sir Conlan


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Firstly, hi everyone.


I'm somewhat of a newcomer to these boards and have spent a fair while marveling at the figures on display. I thought that it was only fair that I contributed something to this warm and wonderfully encouraging community.


I've recently started painting again and am slowly getting to grips with some of the techniques being used today. So I thought I'd share with you my latest mini as a WIP - Sir Conlan. I'm sure you guys/girls can give me some good advice.


Apologies for the photos they were taken at my painting desk with an iphone lol.


Cloak Shadows




Robe done




Gold armour




I'm thinking that the brown I have used for the gold NMM is to close to the colour of the robe so I might darken it and make it a little less warm.


Anyway any comments suggestions would be very welcome.

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I think you chose the right color for your NMM of gold for the armor. I can not speak with experience on this subject as I have never attempted NMM before so I may be way off base. On the other hand, if it were me, I would keep the base color for your gold. It looks like you are going for a dark color on the outer robe. If this is a correct observation, I would suggest an off white for the inner robe. You already have a nice base for this application imo. Anyway, I am fairly new to offering any advice as I usually paint off the cuff so to speak. I do hope to see more pic's of your WIP here. Thanks for sharing!

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What color is the brown you used for the basecoat? I am trying NMM and my basecoat is about a shade darker than that to start, but since I am leaving it only in the recesses I should be ok with it, but this would be a much easier color to work up from imo.

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Hi There,


Sorry its a bit late. The browns I have used so far are bestial brown and vermin brown both from ganes workshop. For the base coat I used Sunburst yellow took a lot of coats to cover though.


I'm hoping I can drop some subtle hints to the missus to get me some reaper paints for my birthday :)

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