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Krylon black primer + plastic minis


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I don't think Krylon fusion is supposed to be used over a primer. I believe it was designed specifically to bond with plastics. Therefore, if you used a primer, I think you would be defeating the purpose of the fusion line of paints.


I would suggest using the fusion in whatever color you want. If you can't find white fusion, you can always paint white over it. I would use krylon fusion like it was a primer for plastic.

Yeah, pretty much the point of Fusion is that it bonds directly to plastic, which many paints will not do.


A friend who is a historical modeler and diorama builder suggested I get Fusion so that I could use plastic aquarium plants for scenery and paint them to match what I'm doing in the rest of the diorama. Can't say I've actually gotten that far, but at least I know what to use.


While not a primer per se, according to the directions it will bond with metal as well as plastic, and could be used in place of a primer.

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