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Some painted stuff from the Chuck


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Here are a few random figures I have painted up, nothing special. I am not super happy with them, but then again my painting forwahtever reason I would classify as subpar.


The Army Bratt is from Cool Mini, I know I got hooked on the LE tag, but I figured WTF. The other is a confrontation figue, I just thought she looked like a Deva so I went with the paint job. I think She came out OK.



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The army chick is not really my style of mini, but she looks fine, I would most def not call her subpar by anymeans. The second figure is beautifully done, a few more highlights on the cloth would make it pop a bit more, but overall a fine mini, you should be proud!


***edit*** Looking at it again, I think the highlights on the cloth are actually well done, I think the picture is just washing them out a bit.

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