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A couple of quick commissions


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Hey Everyone,


I recently did a commission for someone. Both of these minis were painted in about 5 hours time as that was the budget/time constraint given. They turned out pretty well all in all.


CMON Barbarian





Libby on Tiger




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wow.....I wish I could paint that well in 10 hours lol. Great work, not as detailed and awe inspiring as some of your others I have seen on here (by no means an insult, your quick works are still amazing), but for 5 hour I am amazed, they are beautiful

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I like them both.


I do have a peeve though about Libby. Her breasts look like they are glowing. Are they magical?:devil:


aren't all boobies?! They captivate the room!


It's the white paint. It's very reflective and my camera doesn't like white. BTW there is a tight "cloth" over her breasts. They are not exposed. I thought they would be but they aren't.

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