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Reaper Kobold Party


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Started on some kobolds for an up coming game. Figured I'd share the WIP as I go.


About 2+ hours into them at this point. I thought they were already prepped and primed but it never fails; soon as I put on white primer I see mold lines I missed. Had to do some more filing and then patch up with more primer. Then I set out to do some dark lining (3 drops blue liner, 1 drop brown liner, 1 drop water)







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2+ more hours now and skin is base coated (4 drops ruddy leather, 1 drop oiled leather, 1 drop rosy skin... eCookie for whoever can figure out where I got that recipe =) There's 3 layers on the skin right now just to make the base coat. Went back and touched up some lines and did some lining I had missed before.





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Nice work there! Is that wash/lining the one I told you about? It works wonders with mini clarity. I like their skin tones now, and I'm looking forward to their progression.



I had done this lining before I learned how you did your wash. That was what my question really was all about; to wash or specificaly line things. On the kobolds I tactically lined everywhere two different materials/bits met... which is painfully slow. I think next time I'll use your approach and do a wash so I don't have to be as specific about where I put the lines.


Skin tones drop the bomb!! I'm going to write down that recipe.


I can't take credit for the recipe. It's actually Anne's (eCookie for whoever knows where Anne *published* that recipe! =)


What I'm wondering now is how to lighten it up for highlights.... so the base recipe is 4 drops ruddy leather, 1 drop oiled leather, 1 drop rosy skin. Do I use Oiled Leather or Rosy Skin to lighten it up? Maybe Linen White?

I plan on using brown liner to darken that recipe for shading.



Thx all !_!

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This time I took individual photos of them so you can really see them up close. Please point them out by name if you are going to C&C on one rather than all of them. Some seem to be turning out better than others; I feel like the muscle and bone structure is less pronounced on the smaller ones. Much happier with how the larger ones are turning out.

The previouse 5 posts show them with a base coat (which took about 3 layers) and about 5 layers of shading. Spent about 4 hours doing the shadows. Now in that amount of time I have to add water as I go to keep the paint thin because of the dry air in my house. Since I drag the brush on the edge of the pallette to get the bulk of the excess paint out of the bristles I can watch the paint consistance; when it starts to thicken up I add a drop or two of water.


Same recipe for shadows on all of them.

2 drops Ruddy Leather

2 drops Brown Liner

1 drop Oiled Leatehr

1 drop Rosey Skin

6 drops water

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