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Wow, that's some convincing wood grain! Recipe? I think the biggest thing here is contrast, if you want some criticism. In some areas you've got smooth, good highlights, but I see little shading also. The paint consistency looks good, as does the brush control, but a little shading will go a long way. That being said, I really like him, he has a lot of character!

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This is pretty sweet. How long have you been painting? You seem to have all the skills. The color choices are excellent and I have to agree with demonelf3 that the wood grain is fantastic. I also agree that in some areas, mostly the fabric, you could use a little more shading, but maybe its the photo. My contrasts seem to disappear in photographs so it could happen here to. Over all though, this is a great piece. Keep it up and keep posting your work.



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Thanks for the comments guys.


The wood grain is Calthan brown, with a wash of Gryphonne sepia, then a wash of badab black, then a very very very thinned down gretchin green wash, followed by some highlights with Khemri brown. Glad you like it ::D:


As far as the contrasts... this seems to be the most difficult part of painting for me, I could probably go a bit darker in my shadows


I have been painting for probably a little over 5 years now. Got a group of Warlord players so I wandered over here to the forums and lurked for awhile. Glad to get so much feed back so quickly.


Thanks again I will try to update as I go with this guy.



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Thanks for the comments guys. I will try to get some of the shadows a bit darker as that seems to be the general issue. Ill try to post an update soon as I get some more time to paint.


@Scotty- Just trying to keep up with your stinkin' Reptus horde...

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