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March Roll Call

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OK, it's been March 1st and no one has started the thread so I guess I will. ::):


This month for me I would *like* to finish off the FSE fleet which has three corvettes, an escort cruiser, a battlecruiser, and a battleship left. Then at least start on the Cold Navy ships that are starting to pile up on me.


This all takes a back seat to spending more time with the kids....playing miniature games.


I'll also start my 10 year old with his first minis that need paint. (vikings and saxons, despite who Kim says the viking's real enemies are.)

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So here is my list. Some of this is "cheating" since I had the figures mostly painted from last month's goal, but nonetheless March should be a minis bonanza of completed projects:


1. 24 Swordmasters of Hoeth GW High Elves

2. 24 Late Roman Legionaries/Legionary Archers Crusader.

3. 18 Mycenean Spearmen "figure-of-eight" shield Old Glory (these should be easy to paint as they're mostly flesh and shield)

4. 3 ADG Federation FFs

5. 3 ADG Klingon E-4s

6. 1 ADG Klingon D-5

7. 1 ADG Federation DN


Of the above list, the only ones that will be "from scratch" wil be the Myceneans and the E-4s. Can we do it this time?



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Mmmm on the plate:

32 15mm British Infantry

48 15mm British Highlanders (only need to prep these for now)

1 15mm British Artillery unit (3 guns, 12 crew, one limber with six horses and the caison)

10 28mm Minis for the Malifaux rules (not for me)

2 Chronoscope minis

22 Genestealers (technically not due till the end of April)


That's a bunch will see how I do.

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March is "finish some damn gnolls" month for me. I have three Lupines sitting on my coffee table waiting to be cleaned and assembled. They're all going to need at least a little bit of green stuff for their standard-issue rad gnoll 'hawks, and I'm tempted to cover the Lupine bare-skin patches with fur. Thin layers of green stuff don't like me all that much, so we'll see how far that goes. So my goal for the month is to get all three converted, mounted, based, and primered, and at least one of them finished.


Besides the Lupines really big gnolls, I have a pair of unassembled Chaos Spawn that I'm morally certain I won't be able to keep my hands off, and five zombies ready for primer. I expect to have those all painted up and terrorizing my players by the end of the month, too. Anything past that is a bonus.

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Here is what is on my plate for Feb March 2010:


Uncharted Seas:

Iron Dwarf base fleet (1 Battleship, 3 Cruisers and 6 Frigates), plus two Heavy Cruisers.


Heavy Gear:

Peace River starter army (GP and FS squad), plus Strike squad. Goal is to have everything stripped, trimmed, primed and assembled.

Southern GP squad - get it trimmed, assembled, primed.



OK army - 12 bulls, 4 ironguts, 4 leadbelchers, 24 gnoblars - work on base colors. Butcher - trim, assemble, prime. OOP Ogre (used for General) - prime.

Dwarves - 12 Dwarf Warriors, 10 Dwarf Thunderers, 8 Dwarf Miners, a Dwarf Thane, a Dwarf Dragon Slayer, a Dwarf Cannon and three crew)


LotR - the 34 figs from the Mines of Moria set, plus possibly a bunch of others I am getting in trade - remove from frame, assemble and prime as many as possible.



Orks - finish putting together a couple of Trukks, get them painted.

Marines - as much as possible. Need to do a test fig for chapter colors and theme.

My goal (by the end of the year) is to have two playable armies for WFB, 40k and LoTR - one each of good and evil. (I'll have more than that, but I want to actually have close to 6 painted armies, which would be a major accomplishment.) Note that these armies do not have to be competitive - I would be more than pleased to lose, as long as I am actually getting to play.


Pour a whole bunch of hirst arts stuff, plus I have some other terrain projects as well, and I might try to squeeze in some 15mm stuff, depending on how much time I have (or not) this month. Main goal of making time to paint as many days as possibly is still my real primary goal. (After all, if I devote 3-4 hours per week to painting, I have to be getting something done, right?)



ETA - forgot about the conversion for the exchange. That needs to get done and mailed as well.

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I have one guy to do for my husband's gaming group I want to have done by the end of this week. He's some kind of ranger guy, I don't know the manufacturer.


Rest of the Valhallans (3 more regular guys, 3 heavy weapons, 1 captain).


Not sure what else. I have 4 space ships we may want to use for Hard Vacuum in April, so guess I'll add them to the list.

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Here's my plan for March. It's going to be a busy month :)


  • 14093: Finari, Crusaders Hero
  • 65053: Lorelei, Female Dryad
  • 02562: Gossamer Air Sorceress
  • 03289: Ilana, Shaman
  • 02741: Fairies (2) & Nymph {Nude Fae} for Susan Komen Silent Auction at my local hobby shop

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