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Snar Mangebelly, Kobold

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This is my first post to the forums so I hope I don't break any rules. I've been playing D&D 4e since last summer after taking a 15-year or more break from gaming. I got invited to a painting group by one of the players last month and got "hooked" on painting. Over the past few weeks, I've been collecting brushes, a few colors, and my first mini. He assisted by giving me a small bottle of the Magic Wash stuff and I just applied that to the mini. It's drying so I don't have pictures yet. However, I do have some pictures of the stages I've been through so far.


I did paint one other figure before the Kobold but it was very rushed during the painting group. So, I consider this my first true mini figure. It's not perfect, but it'll fulfill the Kobold Mage villain I have in mind for a group of encounters I'm running in the future. :-)


I used the Pro Paint White Primer to start out. I didn't realize there was a Pro and Masters Primer difference, so I'll get a bottle of the Masters Primer in the future, but this will serve for now.




I then used the Pine Green as a base coat. I figured most of his body would be a greenish/brown/yellow color so this just made sense to me.




I then tried to add some detail although my early efforts were quite messy.




I've worked on it more and should have some other photos up soon. As I said, I'm just starting so I'm open to ALL feedback.


Thank you so much and I hope to become a regular on here. :-)

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Ha, I don't think you'll learn anything from my freshman attempts! I applied the Magic Wash but it really seems to have smeared everything darker and it looks murkier now. I don't have a good setup to take pictures yet but I posted a couple. The first is what I'm considering finished and the second is post-wash. I'm wondering if the mixture my friend gave me is a bit "off" or perhaps I don't know how to apply it yet?






The lighting on the second is darker because it's later in the day. I'm about to buy the following light but I'd like to know if it's a good product.


Here is the mini post-wash very close to a yellowish florescent light.





It seems like the wash has created some good pieces (the staff) but made other areas too murky (the cape).

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Looks good. I would agree when you work with washes its best to water them down, water them down a lot. I really liked how he was lookin before you laid down the wash. The wash kind of hid a lot of the detail work you did. Good work though specially for your first mini. Keep it up!

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Like everyone else said: when in doubt, thin your wash even more. If it's too thin, you won't wreck anything. ::):


That said, I almost always have to go back after washing a figure and touch up the highlights. Instead of washing a large area, these days I usually keep only a little bit of paint on my brush and lay it directly into the shadows. Much more forgiving, since one missed brushstroke is almost impossible to notice when it dries.

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I very much appreciate the feedback. In the future, I will thin down the wash and use it a bit more judiciously. The guidance I heard before indicated that I could literally "wash" it over everything. I will try the other approach with my next mini; I have a goblin ranger on deck.


As for highlighting, what would be the best method to accomplish this? I have tried my hand and dry brushing but I'm not sure if that is really clicking for me yet. I think I need to go in and touch up his cape and scepter orb - at the very least.


Thanks again!

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Do you also use a bigger light? Which one?


My concern was regarding the amount of light and magnification with the one I'm considering. I know I could get a bigger light and separate (larger) magnifier but that gets pricey and I'm trying to get into the hobby on a bit of a budget.

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I need to get one of the true light lamps also, I only have a cheapo hobby lamp from Fred Meyer at the moment. I don't use magnification, I just take off my glasses (near sighted lol). You are doing a great job on this mini, I agree with all the suggestions on washes. Highlighting is a bit trickier as there are so many ways to go about it....my suggestion is to start off using a triad technique, the reaper paints are even sold in triads. It will give you a shader, base color, and highlight color. Just start by shading the deepest recesses and highlighting the most raised areas. After you get more comfortable with the basics you can move on and start learning layering and feathering. Just my two coppers. I look forward to seeing much more of your work in the future!

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The Ott lights are good as light sources, I've read, but I use daylight CFL bulbs and find they work well enough.


You can find lots of advice on what sorts of magnifiers people like to use in the forum archives. Generally speaking, the magnifier lamps do not appear to be as popular as other means. Reading glasses (drug store, dollar store, or prescription) and optivisors (or other binocular magnifiers like the MagEyes) do better.


The downside of a magnifying lamp is you must adjust yourself to see through it at the right angle which restricts your position and can lead to some back and neck strain. Also, depending on the lamp, you may have trouble with your brushes hitting the lens.


The magnifier visors don't have these problems. I like them and find them to be comfortable enough for hours of wear if necessary, but some people don't like wearing them. They fit easily over glasses if you wear them. If you keep your light close to your work, you will probably find the visor bumps into the light. Stronger bulbs held higher above the work surface can remedy this problem.

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I attempted to respond to the feedback and my own personal thoughts that the wash made Snar quite murky. I tried to reapply some color to his cape, crown and scepter. I'm satisfied with the rest of his body looking dirty; it's a kobold so he shouldn't be looking TOO pristine.


I order the OTT light but have not received it yet. Future pictures should look much better than these.







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