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Arabian Assassin


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Hello all,

Here is my latest finished miniature. I titled this one "Arabian Assassin". It is an Old Ral Partha figure I bought back in '85. It was part of a 3 pack that was entitled "Assassin Progression". They were supposed to show the transformation from a lower level Theif/Assassin to a Master Assassin in the 2nd Edition AD&D game. This one is the Master Assassin.


I really like this mini due to his flowing cape. There was not a lot of details so I decided to try adding a pattern to the bottom of the outside of the cape. This was the first time I had done any free hand patterns, but it turned out OK I guess.


I wanted to show him as a brash and intimidating assassin that everyone would know he was coming but could do nothing about it. I know assassins normally work in the shadows, but I wanted him to be so good at his craft that he did not need to hide or sneak. I hope the paint scheme pulled that off. I think it did, but I will leave that up to you all.


Comments welcome as always.







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