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Cmon 2003 (art book)

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The book is hardcover, printed on high quality paper, and is stock full of beautiful minis of all types, including fantasy, historical and sci fi. I even have my Warmaster Command in there! If you don't mind spending the cash, it is well worth it, and will provide hours of inspiration. Good quality pictures too, so you can get a better idea of what is going on in some cases than on the monitor. It is just plain nice.


End of gushing :D

Next year, I will have more than one in there  :oo:

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I got one too. It is indeed nice. I posted a short review on CMoN, here's the skinny:


Picture quality was great for some, good for most, and left something to be desired for a few pictures. Those few simply were either not high enough resolution, or crisp enough. Not every mini painter is a professional photographer so this is understandable (I'm one to speak), but some editional effort could be made to improve these pictures, or simply exclude them out of the book for the sake of a higher quality product. The majority (I'd say 85%) are great pictures which leaves little to complain about for quality.


Page quality of the book is as would be expected from an art book, well worth the money spent on it. My only gripe was it's a bit tall and won't fit on my narrower book shelves, but that's more of a personal problem.


The articles are good, especially the face painting article, for those who haven't seen it before. It's great reference material, but for the next annual, I can only hope for more such articles, I'd look for mostly intermediate and advanced articles. There are after all a plethora of beginner articles all over the web, that don't need duplication.


The book is going to be a great resource for me. When I want to paint a white cloak, I can now sit down and flip through to find a white cloak I like, examine it, and go from there. Or if I want to do NMM on a curved blade, I simply flip through till I see one, and use it as a reference. I will rename it the Cheater Painter's Handbook (nothing wrong with cheating right?). One other area where it's a great inspiration, is that if I want to try some simple freehand, I can again browse till I find something I like.


It is many times more convenient than browsing through thousands of web pages to look for something, and sure beats print outs (which I have resorted to in the past).


Thank you CMoN for putting this together. I will definitely get in line for the next one.


Maybe some day we will be able to walk into a commercial bookstore, and be able to browse through a miniature painting art book.


A few things on my wish list for the next annual:

1. Year the miniature was painted.

2. Painter's comments

3. More tutorials

4. Recognition of CMoN contest top 3.

5. Short bios for 3-5 top painters.

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Hiya. I ordered a copy of the CMoN Annual a couple of days ago, with a credit card. I just checked the CMoN shop, and they accept four different ones, so PayPal avoidance shouldn't be a problem.  :) I share the New Wave distaste, but the impression I have is that people aren't having typical New Wave problems with CMoN orders, and when they do have problems they can deal with CMoN people rather than New Wave people, so I decided to take the risk. More on the CMoN shop/New Wave relationship here.


As far as in stock, my understanding is this (bearing in mind that I might be garbling or misremembering stuff I've read on the CMoN forums). The books were printed in Asia. A shipment went out to North America with copies for all the preorders like a month ago, that shipment sold out. A new shipment is currently en route to Atlanta, and will be distributed once it has docked and cleared customs. My order has this message on it:


Thank you for ordering CoolMiniOrNot Annual 2003. Your order has been processed. Our first wave of books have sold out. We are expecting our next shipment of books to arrive by the third week of October. At which time, they will be shipped out. We will update you as soon as your book is in line for shipping.


Some people who preordered still haven't received their copies, and so far there hasn't been a lot of comment about whether their copies are in the next shipment or some sort of other problem. There's more info about that (and more reviews from those who did get their copies) here.


Hope that helps you decide whether or not to take the plunge.  :;):

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Ah. Well, I respect that choice, but I imagine it leaves a lot more online retailers than CMoN as non-options.  :;): I was more mentioning because it sounded like you were saying that CMoN's shop doesn't use any other payment option than PayPal, which isn't the case. Had I been in Digital [email protected]'s position of wondering whether or not to buy something, the fact that said something could only be purchased via PayPal would probably have dissuaded me, since I distrust PayPal more than a credit card company (although I dislike credit card companies more than PayPal).
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