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The 2010 Reapercon VCR CHALLENGE!

Froggy the Great

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Reaper and its associated frothing minions are proud to present:



Missed out on the action last year? Dying to receive the obeisance of the assembled throngs at the awards ceremony? Now's your chance!


GIVEN: One or more dead VCRs, DVD players, and whatever other derelict appliances people bring to the con to take apart;


GIVEN: The Reaper Miniatures Boneyard, conveniently serving your boneyardical needs;


CREATE: One vehicle and a driver, using a combination of Boneyard and VCR parts.


THE FINE PRINT: where the prose becomes much less overwrought:

-The challenge is open to all comers, regardless of skill level or experience.

-We will have a meeting in the dining area Thursday, 2pm to take apart the assembled VCRs and to claim parts. While anyone may enter afterwards and submit a finished entry by the deadline, the best parts tend to get claimed at the meetup/takeapart.

-The deadline for submitting a finished entry is Saturday, 12 noon.

-While unpainted entries may be submitted, painted entries tend to do much better.

-The vehicle should be made using a substantial mixture of Reaper and VCR parts.

-The Driver should be a Reaper Miniature that has had VCR parts used in its conversion.

-The winners shall be decided by a vote of the convention attendees.


If you're reasonably confident that you'll be participating, please post here so we can get a rough idea of how many VCRs and DVD players we'll need.


(I will be administrating and participating, but not competing unless forced to.)

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I may be interested in this one. I'm not sure how much creative mine would be but you never know. I took Lanse's conversion class a few years ago & out of the blue made something that Lanse feel in love with. I just chalk it up as beginner's luck :blink:



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