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Reapercon: What to Expect?


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Brushes, definitely. Figures, well, unless you want to take your chances with a Paint and Take mini or buy a new one off the rack. As far as paints go, you'll have access to the entire Reaper lines of paint, so unless you want to use a different brand or paint in your room, no.




Really, you can use the Reaper paints that are there at the Con? I brought my own paint last time. Can you explain further?



They'll have their paints available at the Paint n Take tables you can freely use.



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Yes, and yes, you bring a mini that is already painted (or at least can be finished before the entry deadline. The contest is even open to people who insist on entering tiny squirrels, bunnies and the like (yes, I'm looking at you haldir). :;):




Ah yes the infamous squirrel familiar :unsure:

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There is no limit as far as I can remember. I'm not sure on the time, but I wanna say the judging/awards was held on Saturday night last year.



Yes, I believe it was Saturday. I had to leave on Sunday, durnit.

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