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Based on this game, we have a few questions.



1. does support count for spell attacks? Does a mage in B2B get +1 when casting an attack spell?


2. can spells be cast as defensive strikes?


3. does Disabled apply to a Construct?


4. do archers not in B2B get a support bonus if other members of their troop are in B2B with the model they are attacking from range?

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1. Hmmm... decent question. If a mage and two other models were in btb with an enemy model and the mage casts a spell on the enemy model... Normally for being in btb with an enemy model a mage will take a -2 penalty. If that mage is a warcaster or is specifically casting a spell that is meant to be cast in btb, then it is able to disregard this penalty. But, as to actually getting a +1 to their roll (whether to lessen that -2 penalty or take a 0 to a +1), we look at the definition given. The definition of support says:


If three or more friendly models are in B2B with the same enemy

model, the friendly models get a +1 Situational Modifier to their

Attack Checks against that enemy model. Support bonuses do not

apply to Defensive Strikes.


So, since this does not specifically say "melee combat checks" this could be open to official clarification by Gus. I will make sure he reads it.



2. No, not only can they not be used as defensive strikes, casters cannot cast spells as defensive magic at all in this version of the game. The only defensive thing you can do with magic is try and make enemy spells harder to cast successfully, by sacrificing personal spell points to lower the enemy caster's power. Of course you have to also be in the AOE of the spell to be able to do this.



3. Yes, you can disable a Construct.


4. No, archers do not gain any benefit from friendly models in btb with the target. In fact, if you shoot at an enemy that is in btb with friendly models, the friendly models must pass a DIS check or become shaken by the idea that their friends would shoot at them.

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