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Gamezone Chaos Chariot and GW Marauder Horsemen


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Cool model, a chore to assemble. Painted it over the course of the last 11 or 12 days. Added some GW bits, shield and halberd only, as it's for my Warriors of Chaos army.


Glue is still drying and will do touch up adhesion with zap-a-gap and then final Dull Cote.


Riders are not glued on in this pic. They are now and are drying on the painting table.




Finished these guys before the chariot. Had some varnish issues that Dull Cote mostly repaired.




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Thanks all. I really like the model a lot. Prep and assembly took about as many hours as painting did....whew!


blakbuzzrd, I like the crystals, but I'm taking Angela Imrie's class at Reapercon so I can really spiff them up and learn what I'm doing, instead of making random lines. :lol:


I appreciate votes and C&C.




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